AlefA comes from the ancient symbol ℵ (Aleph) which is the first character of all letters. A and repeated A match opposite elements throughout the book: two suns, two mountain ranges and etc.

Apart from a few names that are used repeatedly (names taken after the characters in the previous carnations), and those characters’s lives seem to portrait reflections of the past.

Part 1 plot: Sleeping Beauty

(Spoiling alerts)

  • Sleeping Beauty and Wind Riders
  • The Language of Truth (Verumic)
  • Darkness of the throne
  • White Blaze

World outlook

Apart from mythological and meadival factors, the world outlook of AlefA holds fictional elements such as Time Maze that could reveal the paths to different epoches and various parralel worlds. Time Maze embraces a space, multi-dimensional time, system with lots of changes, all of which turns the story into different directions.

Part 1: Sleeping Beauty, mainly focuses in exploiting the landmass of AlefA. Other islands and continents are also mentioned here and there with details.

Brief history of AlefA (according to the Royal Citadel’s calendar)

  • -12000 to -10000: Premitive Age
    • Fire and Shadow were born in the South
    • Elvens were born in the North
  • -10000: Beginning
    • 7 Antiques were forged.
    • The sacred temple Orossea was built, set hinge for the Silvern city later on.
    • Blue star in the Lonely archipelago disappeared
    • Dragons from the Lonely archipelago set foot the first time in AlefA


  • Argon is one of the most important character of the story. Argon is known as a Wind Rider, a great sorcerer of the Silvern city council, and the representative for the Sword-of-light. Fundamentally, Argon is a human beings, however he also carries himself blood of another specie. (His father is half Floral-Spirit)...
  • Iruka is a faceless imp, lives lonely on the Inferno Mountain. Since it was born, its parents and specie abandoned Iruka, but in the imp there’s always a strong will of survival. It grows up and makes friend with a soul imprisoned in the lava lake...
  • Posthumus is the king of the Central land, the rebel and throne seizer. From Sea citadel, Posthumus starts an up rising battle with a promise for better lives. In the end, Posthumus unites nine Imperial capitals, sets himself on the throne in King Tower. However with the throne, Posthumus is haunted by old spells...
  • Elpis is the only person in the Imperial Capital could dream. In the first 18 years of her life, Elpis always believes she’s the daughter of chancellor Abraham. But her true plight is much more complex...


    • Nine Imperial Cities (King Posthumus)
    • Peripheral Meadow and Stone Maze (Grassland tribe)
    • Peripheral Meadow and Stone Maze (Grassland tribe)
    • Kirily
    • 3 fiery furnace mountains and 13 nameless mountains (Prince Shanan and the Kravos)
    • Nettle mountain, Grey Stone mountain and King forest (Kumar Old Bear)
  2. NORTHERN ACCESSION (in order of heading north)
    • Snow Forest, Aroma Port and Silvern city (Queen Carolina)
    • Kaprisha Range (north-east): Bird tribe
    • Kalaiah alluvial plain, Ligia forest, left side Nymph river (Human Animalia)
    • The five lakes, Veltimie mountain and upstream of Nymph river (Ice tribe)
    • Prairie of the Far North (Half elvens)


Random quote from AlefA

Is this the end? No, just a segment of a cycle. It’ll be reborn,

spun and eradicated… then reborn again.-

— Reim, Sky Citadel’s The-Heart founder, the Old World